Corporate Travel Airline Ticketing at $20 per Ticket!
Why hassle shopping for fares online?
Welcome back to first-rate agency service :)

Many of today's travelers have forgotten, or never experienced the convenience of working with a real travel agency.

In the days of shopping online for low fares, most have sacrificed service and convenience for cost savings.

And, is it really cost savings when you lose hours out of your day searching online for a fare and itinerary that works?

Reality is, for most corporate travelers, researching and booking travel online isn't as simple as point & click.

At EPI Travel Services we take the guesswork out of booking your trips.

With quick access to most of the rates you'll find online and many rates that you simply won't, we pair the best route with the right price and save you the hassles.

At just $20 per ticket
, we trust you'll find the convenience and peace of mind we provide well worth it!

What can we provide you?

Low $20 fee per ticket
Access to most rates available online and many that are not
Free hotel reservations with air travel
Use your own frequent flyer accounts

Call today! 800.247.4942
How we Work
1) You submit a Travel Request via phone, fax or email.
2) We research flight options that meet your criteria.
3) You approve best available flight option we present to you.
4) We ticket confirmed flights and send final itinerary to traveler.
Use Our Self Help Booking System
Find out more about how we can help you.

What we look for when ticketing
Our agents evaluate flight options based on a number of criteria. Every effort is made to find the traveler the most direct flight, with fewest layovers available at the lowest rate.

Each individual traveler’s profile, or their company’s travel policy, is held in consideration, for instance if you prefer lowest rate regardless of stop overs, we will book with that philosophy.

We also maintain a record of your frequent flyer accounts with the airlines to ensure all of your travel is credited to your account.

Let us know any special criteria you would like considered when you submit your request and we will research and book accordingly.
Free Hotel and Car Reservations
When you book your air travel with us we will make any necessary hotel reservations and car rental arrangement free of charge. Be sure to mention your lodging and ground transportation needs when submitting your travel request.

Get started today!
Are you currently planning a trip. Take a moment to fill out our online travel request form. Our agents will find a flight that works for you and present you with booking options.

Click here to file an online travel request!

Offline Forms

Click the links below to download our travel request forms and keep on file for your office travelers.

You may print, then fill out the form, or type directly on the form then print when complete, or save the form when complete and email it to

Right Click the Link and Choose "Save As" to Download to your Computer.

Single Destination Travel Request Form
Multiple Destination Travel Request Form
Traveler Profile
this document provides record of all your personal information and preferences for easy ticketing in the future.

These forms require adobe acrobat reader to view.
If you do not have the application you may download it here.

Reservations Hotline: 800.247.4942
Fax Travel Requests to: 949.282.1144
Email Requests to:

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