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Make getting to and from your meeting a snap!

Travel Management
Our Travel Advantage Delivers.

Travel is an integral component of the meeting experience. It can make or break your program. It’s an element that is often overlooked in meeting planning that we in turn strive for excellence in.

Happy Go Lucky
Getting to and from your meeting should never be the meeting travelsource of undue stress or aggravation. With the right travel plan you can ensure your attendees return home regarding your meeting as a favorable experience.

It Pays to Have a Partner
A poorly negotiated hotel contract can cost you thousands. It is not uncommon to pay for rooms and services you never used. This is literally wasted money. Our established relationships with the hotels can help you avoid these penalties. And get you better rates.

EPI Travel and Housing Services
• Contract and Rate Negotiations
• Travel Costing and Billing
• Airline Ticketing
• Ground Transportation
• Management of Rooming Lists
• Tour and Activity Reservations
• Confirmation Packet Mailings
• Complete Customer Service

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Inside Connections
All of our travel reservations and ticketing are handled by our own in-house travel agency. We work directly with the airlines and hotels so we cut out the middleman and can save you additional fees. Should an attendee ever require an emergency change in their travel plans, our in-house team is well versed on your overall program, and will make sure the alternate travel plans to your meeting best work into your schedule.

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The World at your Fingertips.

So Where do You Want to Meet?
Pairing the right meeting with the right venue is one of our specialties. Venue has a lot to do with program success. It can set a mood, deliver rewards or provide a central location between all your attendees for travel convenience. We’ll show you the benefits of several possible venues. Most of which we’ve worked directly with. And in the rare case that we haven’t, a member of our staff will personally scout the location to ensure that it’s right for you.

Discover Hidden Opportunities
Every meeting has a budget. That doesn’t always mean you need to sacrifice on venue. We have established relationships with some of the hottest meeting sites around. So we can get great rates. In the process of planning and scheduling your meeting we can bring to your attention “hot dates” where particularly affordable rates are available at various locations. Don’t cast away that exotic location idea. We may make it a reality.
Get Comfortable in Your Surroundings
There is so much more to your meeting location than just the meeting room itself. Even if your meeting is strictly business, your location can offer reward and relaxation to attendees. Entertainment, culture, nightlife, golf, the beach or the rest of the great outdoors. Let us introduce you to some comfortable surroundings that can balance even the most serious meetings with an enjoyable experience.


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