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Registration Services
Phone. Fax. Email & Online Registration.

When you announce your meeting, are you prepared to handle the response? EPI specializes in meeting the needs of attendees headed to your event. We provide multiple points of contact for registration including, phone, fax, mail, email and web registration.

Free Yourself
Registration can be one of the most time consuming aspects of your meeting. With EPI registration services, you eliminate the burden or registration and free your in-house resources to focus on tasks that require their specialized expertise.

registration services

Extend Convenience
With multiple means of registration your attendees have the flexibility to choose the option that best works for them. Your meeting is never further than a phone, fax, email or website away. And with all information in a centralized database, no matter their method of registration, should they have questions, an immediate answer is just a phone call or email away.

EPI Registration Services Include:
- Registration Material Development
- Mail Management and Distribution
- Online Registration Site
- Phone, Fax and Email Support
- Database Management
- Complete Reporting
- Confirmation Packet Mailings

See Examples of our Registration Sites
Registration Site w/Animated Intro
Registration Site w/Animated Intro
Registration Site w/Animated Intro

EPI can integrate travel services with registration. Your attendees can register and book their travel in one simple step. They simply provide their desired departure information and our travel team makes the arrangements. Our representatives personally follow up with each attendee to finalize details, ticket their flight, reserve their rooms and make any other additional arrangements.

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