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Meeting & Conference Planning

Meeting planning is a thankless business...
Done right and you never know we’re there. Things just seem to fall in to place. Sure we’re there if you need us, but we think you’ll get used to us behind the curtains. Our clients always do.

So how do we stay out of the spotlight?
Painstaking preparation sets the stage. On-site performance delivers. We create the experience. We manage the details. We make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. And that the process of getting there doesn’t result in needless frustration.
A program for everyone
No meeting is too large or too small. We’ve orchestrated meetings for 10 participants to more than 5,000. Whether you’re looking to communicate, motivate, educate or celebrate we’ll put together the program that will help you do it best.

Types of Meetings
-Annual Conferences
-Board Meetings
-Leadership Meetings
-Training Seminars
-Product Launches
-Sales and Marketing Meetings
-Incentive Meetings

Travel-based Meetings

-Business Hotels
-Resort Hotels
-Convention Centers
-Virtually any venue


Meeting, Conference Services Auxiliary Services
-Travel Management
-Site Selection
-Communication Services

Administrative Services
-Food and Beverage Services
-Entertainment Services
-Registration Services
-Online Registration
-Web Development

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