Communications is the key
to your meeting's success!

Communication Services
Your program is making a name for itself.

And its got quite the reputation... we make sure it's the right one! Our communication and creative services team specializes in bringing your program to life, introducing it to the world. Your program's look, its feel and voice all start here.

Character Building
Is your program all about business? Does it want to have fun? Maybe it wants to live the best of both worlds. Regardless of the type of character you want built into your program, we’ll give you one that is clearly defined. Something that your audience can identify with. Something that sets a tone and helps to define the meeting experience they will soon be a part of.

Voice Lessons
outreach programsCan your program hit the high notes? Can it speak before a crowd? When it speaks do people want to listen? With the right voice it can do it all. We strive for consistency in all areas of communication and maintaining the same voice in all of your creative pieces is key. We work carefully to ensure all soundbites, headlines and copy speak clearly and consistently. So rest assured when your program talks, people listen!

Well Cultured
How well does your program travel? Does it fit in where it needs to? Can it spend some branding servicestime in print, then cross over to the web and still be understood? We make sure it can. Subtle branding elements and an overlying theme will always help smooth the transition. We establish these elements early with the big picture in mind–knowing your program’s final destination and all the areas it must communicate through along the way.

Award-Winning Pedigree
Our talented creative team has award winning experience. From large multi-component campaigns, to the little touch of a thank you note that your attendees never forget, our creative touch never goes unnoticed. Our specific expertise in the promotion of conferences, meeting and award programs keeps you in touch with the latest techniques driving the industry.

Our Specialists all Share the Same Roof

We keep all of our creative talent in-house. This delivers many critical advantages. It is an investment that many groups forego. To us, it’s an advantage we’ll never let go.

Specialized Expertise
Our team is comprised of creative directors, art directors, designers, copywriters and web developers. Working in-house, they are specialized not only in their craft, but in their craft as it pertains to meetings, conferences and incentive programs. There’s a science to it all. It’s a unique realm of communications. Our team knows its nuances. As a client, their expertise is something you’ll notice right away.

Unmatched Responsiveness
We work to a master plan, but change is around every corner. Our in-house team gives us unmatched responsiveness. They foil disaster on a regular basis. When time is of the essence and you need a creative workaround, it’s a comforting reassurance to have all hands on deck.

Open Communication
Our executive team, project management team and creative team all share the same halls. As information comes in or ideas are born, the key people involved at every level are likely within earshot. Conversation ensues. Action is taken. No time is lost in communication to third-party vendors and contractors. And no details slip through the cracks.

communicationsFamiliar Acquaintances
Working with repeat clients you build a rapport. It’s rare that we have a client that is not a repeat client. We have the opportunity to keep the same team on the same client for project after project. They become intimately familiar with the client’s specific needs and objectives. It’s how we like to work. It’s how the best work is delivered. Ultimately it’s how we keep our clients as repeat clients.

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